Did we ever picture ourselves becoming a photographer + filmmaker duo? (Pun intended.) Short answer, no. Long answer, we think it was being written into our story all along. We fell in love in college while Yechan was studying music and Kensie was studying education. We started playing around with a camera by offering free sessions for friends and family, and as they say, the rest is history. We've often heard it said, "Do what you love, and love what you do," so we do all of our favorite things together, including photography + videography!

When we're not documenting cutie couples behind the camera, you can find us sitting on the couch watching The Office for the billionth time and downing a DQ blizzard that we both convinced the other we had to have. We are followers of Jesus, which fuels everything we do. We believe our Creator inspires all things we create, and our love for serving couples comes from an overflow of our love for serving Him. We're kind of obsessed with our adorable baby boy and his sidekick, our golden lab pup. We love going on family walks, singing together at our church, traveling to new places, and making our home a place full of joy and memories.   

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